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WaterCop Control Valve

The WaterCop control valve installs on your indoor main water supply line and automatically turns off the water when activated by WaterCop leak or temperature sensor network, a remote soft touch switch (RS100), or signal from an integrated security or home automation system.

For Z-wave compatible product or installation on pipe sizes 1 1/2" through 36", contact us directly at 800-545-3636 for your custom solution.

ALL WaterCop brass valves comply with published NSF/ANSI 372 standards which restrict lead and other metal contaminants to safe levels for drinking water systems.

Contact DynaQuip Controls or NSF International ( for additional information.

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WaterCop Flood Sensors
Newly redesigned WaterCop Classic flood sensors are placed in areas that are susceptible to leaks such as water heaters, washing machines, ice makers/refrigerators, sinks and toilets. When water contacts the sensor, a wireless signal is sent to the WaterCop Classic shut-off valve installed on the main water supply to close and stop the flow of water to the leak point. WaterCop Classic sensors communicate only with the WaterCop Classic shut-off valve. Sensors require two (2) 'AA' batteries or optional WPA power adapter to operate. To increase wireless range, order WPR repeater. Select Type
WaterCop Low Temperature Sensors
Worried about freezing pipes? Place FH100 Low Temperature Sensors at key locations to monitor for freezing conditions and turn off your water before pipes burst. More Info
WaterCop Classic AC Adaptor Flood/Temperature Sensor
WaterCop Classic sensor power adaptors allow sensors to operate on 110VAC power. Choose 'Hard Wired Sensor Connection' for newly designed WCDFS1, WCFS2, or WCDFST sensors. Choose 'Plug Connection' for WH100, WH200 or FH100 Classic sensors. More Info
WaterCop Classic Sensor Repeater
Increases the effective range of wireless flood and temperature sensors by retransmitting the wireless signal from any Classic sensor to the WaterCop valve. More Info
Water Control Wall Switch
Use this wall switch to easily control your water supply from a convenient location. More Info
Valve/Switch Interconnect Cable (50 ft.)
Use CBL50 cabling to connect the WaterCop Control Valve to the RS100 Water Control Wall Switch. More Info
Valve/Switch Interconnect Cable (100 ft.)
Use CBL100 cabling to connect the WaterCop Control Valve to the RS100 Water Control Wall Switch. More Info
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